Living Produce Plans

Our produce is delivered alive and growing!  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to harvest a plant minutes before it's eaten.  Simply just keep it watered until you are ready to harvest it or just peel one leaf off at a time until it's all gone.

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    Giftcard Subscription

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    Give the gift of living produce delivered to your home or office!

    Choose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery plan and give a gift that will truly be a unique gift.  Our baskets contain a red romaine lettuce, green romaine lettuce, red bibb lettuce and green bibb lettuce still growing in a net pot.  We will deliver to your special person all the produce in a blue basket that really shows off the quality of our produce.

    When they redeem their gift we will arrange the delivery day and tell them how it works.  


    • Harvest the living lettuce minutes before it's eaten
    • Benefit from all the nutrients the plant has to offer
    • All natural aquaponic grown